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Dr. Peter N Linus, Is God’s chosen vessel for our generation, through various encounters he obtained the signs of an apostle which accompanied his ministry this years.

He encountered Christ 21 years ago and was called into full time ministry on that early morning of September 14th, 1996 which he received in an open vision trying to escape for an adventurous trip to Canada with his friends, arrested and brought to law court in that vision where he was released and compelled to read a scripture for the first time on the passage of (1 Thess 4:11-12)-  Saying Study to be quite and Learn to do your own business and to work with your own hands as we have commanded you, “that you may walk honestly towards them that are without, and that you may have lack of nothing).

And the Judge sitting in session said to me but if you refuse, exactly as you found yourself when you came here in chains will be your condition and in a loud voice he lifted a small rod in his hand and point towards heaven and said I am sending you to the nations to bring restoration by the demonstrations of Spirit & Faith through my Spoken Word.

As these vision has been through several test, trials, travailing to bring forth the purpose of this vision into manifestations , Gods Servant have served, pioneered several churches planting, missionary in different nations, saving many lives unto the Kingdom of God. He is a man that loves God and by the virtue of his dedication, reaching the unreached, propagating the gospel around the nations of the world, healing the broken hearted, restoring hope and peace to the hopeless through the power of the Holy Ghost. His ministry has affected Africa, Europe, Asia and USA at different levels. He is commissioned with a vision of total restoration of all things through the shed blood at the cross (Zechariah 9: 11-12) which was confirmed from the book of (Isaiah 42: 18-22 saying none declares deliver, none to say to restore).

Meet our Pastors

We welcome you to The Redeemed Christian Church of God Chapel of Glory, Ajax – a place where God answers prayers. We are a family oriented church with a special focus on youths & children’s spiritual, moral & physical development. We strongly believe that families are the bedrock and foundation of any community and therefore if the foundation is built right, every other stone that is placed on it shall surely stand. No wonder the bible says in Psalm 11:3 If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do? It is our prayer that your foundation and those of your family members shall not be destroyed, in the name of Jesus.

Pastor Victor & Patience Erhabor.

God’s servant is the president of GRACE NATION ROYAL EMBASSY INC, a ministry arm of APOSTOLIC VICTORY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP OF CHURCHES WORLDWIDE INC registered in the United State of America since May, 2009 with the state of Florida & Arkansas, with branches in Africa, Philippines by the Grace of God.

He is a father of 3 beautiful children and through his experience as a marriage counselor has affected many homes, restored marriages, reconciled families and today pioneer Women’s Ministry Titled: WOMAN WITHOUT LIMIT PROJECT: which covers most divers challenged areas of women matters in the society and Families which he received through a vision on November 2006, and have carried the advocacy beyond frontier nations breaking limitation, restoring women to their original rightful God ordained spiritual, physical, career oriented and marital position in destiny.

He has earned several special certifications, diplomas, degrees from both circular and spiritual accolade; he is a graduate and master degree holder with University of the East, metro Manila, Philippines and also was awarded a “Honoris” doctorate degree on international relations and diplomacy from Mcgraw University and proceeded to obtain Masters of divinity –Mdiv with Christian Leadership University and has several certifications in divers of endeavors,  above all He is a father of 2 lovely girls and a Son.

 So come and catch the ALPHA & OMEGA grace with knowledge and wisdom destined and designed to usher you to the world of ambassadorial conquerors royalties of Our Lord Jesus Christ, our ultimate Mentor and the Holy Ghost our principal instructor. You are destined at the top; come up hither has more space for you, and down below is too crowded. Shalom.

How to Join this Chariot of Fire

Simply dial into the prayer line using the dail-in No and access code at the upper right side of this page or email us @ info@gracenationroyalembassy.org of your interest or call us using any of our ministry phone lines as stated on this website contact page.

God bless you!

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